Open two remote browsers - display side by side?

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Is there a way I can have two remote browsers open side by side? IOW, left and right half-screens just like having one remote browser open on the left and one local browser open on the right?

I really like the tabbed interface, especially when using both remote and local panes and I have multiple tabs open in them. But when I just have two remote browser sessions open, it would be great if I could position them side by side. I haven't tried it, but I think I could do this with two copies of SmartFTP open. However, doing this within one instance would be desirable.

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P.S. I did search both the website knowledgebase and this forum, but unique searchwords are difficult to find and I did not come up with any info on this question. If I missed, please forgive and point me to posts or site pages... thank you.


1. Open two Remote Browsers or more
2. Right-click on a tab. Select New Vertical Tab Group


Thank you. I did see that option but didn't think that would do what I wanted! And I couldn't find any information on it.

Will there be a built-in help file for SmartFTP at some point? The website knowledgebase is pretty skimpy :-)

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