Download of SmartFTP Application from

I'm unable to download the SmartFTP application from your website. I've tried using both IE7 and Firefox. Download fails with both browsers. The pc I'm using has MS-Vista installed. I'm able to download files from other sites. The problem I'm experiencing is NOT firewall related. The download starts but fails after a random period of time before fully completing. I am using a relatatively slow ISDN dial up connection but this doesn't normally cause problems.

I'm trying to download the latest version to fix a problem I have with the current SmartFTP build I'm using (3.0.1021.14)

Is it possible for me to FTP this file?

Thanks in anticipation of your help.

After several attempts I finally managed to download the file successfully. Not sure what the problem was but for some reason the download connection to this file is unreliable.