Prompts and Overwrites

For years I have been able to uplaod files on my server and overwrite the files there. Sinec I downlaoded a new version of SmartFTP, I have to delete the file on the destination server first and then upload.

I think there use to be away to handle automate prompts but I don;t see it anymore.

Any help would be appreciated

This may help:

Q: How to automatically use the file exist rules instead of the showing the file exist dialogs?
A: Go to the favorite settings. menu: Favorites -> Edit Favorites. Locate your favorite. Right-click on it then select Properties from the context menu. Then go to the Transfer -> File Exist dialog. Set the first option to Use Automatic Rules.
If you want to change the default behavior change the option in the default favorite: Go to the menu: Tools -> Settings. Then in the General -> Favorites dialog click on Edit button in the Default Favorite section.