"Your registration has expired" - umm, nooooo?


2008-08-28 03:57:13

Hi, love the product and own a licensed version. I used the "Automatic Activation" originally but about every 2 months the window that pops up when I run the software says my version has expired and I have to re-download the latest version. The latest one says it expires in 2 (TWO!) days! what's going on?? I just want the application to run when I open it. I don't want upgrades if possible... but my main concern is one of these times something isn't going to work right (like now) and I have to "RE-Purchase" the software! (umm, no!)

Why do I get this window? how do I get rid of this countdown or expiration flag?



2008-08-28 03:59:18

Dear FIsh Gallery ..

This is because you forgot to activate SmartFTP with your license key. To do this please resend your license key at:

and follow the instructions in the license key email.



2008-09-02 01:09:43

ran it again... it doesn't fix the problem...

however, i was able to fix the problem by allowing the application to install the key in its default location. If I select a different drive, location or the drive the Smart FTP application is on (not C drive), THEN it works.

As a suggestion, please allow this file to be installed in a different location from its "default" location. I like to have a "windows" drive © and a "program" drive (all other applications).