bought the program, transfer queue won't transfer

I've been using the trial version for a while, but I just recently purchased the program.
I'm not the best at all this stuff, but it was working fine before I purcashed the program.
I add something from my desktop to be transferred into a folder on my website and it just sits in the transfer queue never moving.
Then it gives me a log of:
[12:57:57] 200 NOOP command successful
[12:58:03] 421 No transfer timeout (300 seconds): closing control connection
[12:58:03] Server closed connection

I'm not sure what to do or how to make my files transfer.
Someone help please!!
Thank you!

Hello ..

Is the transfer queue started? If not please click on the small blue play button in the in transfer queue window.

If the file is stuck in the transfer queue double click it to get the log. Post the log here.


I feel a little that all I had to do was push that play button everytime?

You don't have to push it everytime. Once should be enough. Make sure that you have the correct transfer queue settings:

Q: I repeatedly have to start the Transfer Queue.
A: Go to the menu: Tools -> Settings. Then go to the Queue dialog and set the On Application Start option to Remember Last State. And set the On Queue Complete option to Idle.


Thank you so much for your help!