Download without queue

Hello, I'm using version 3.0.1021.7

Whean I drag and drop files from ftp (or vice versa), it download only through queue. In version 2.5.x I could choise what type I want to use (just by pushing a button between FTP and Local browser panels)
Now (in 3.x version), when I download some files from one FTP, I can't download another files from another FTP without queue.

How to download direct?

Thanks for your program.

Hello ..

The transfer queue is mandatory now because it offers many benefits: resume, auto reconnect, transfer verify checks etc.


So I have to wait downloading from one FTP and I can't download from another until that download be finished?

No. Why do you think so? You can increase the number of workers in the transfer queue e.g. to 4. And then you can limit the number of concurrent connections/workers of your favorite to 1. Then you can download from the 4 favorites at the same time. This is also explained here: ... f2600.html