My SmartFTP is very slow

Please post the log from the file in the transfer queue. To get it double click the file in the transfer queue (bottom window).


Hello !

I've just seen it was possible to enable logging of transfers in SmartFTP, by going to "Tools->Settings then General - Advanced dialog" and check "Enable Logging".

Since I had not checked it before the tranfert, I've got no logs. I will wait for the next tranfer to get the logs.

Thank you !

Hello !

I've started the transfer again. Here is the log :

[09:12:01] MLST backup-9.26.2008_23-25-16_xxxxxxxx.tar.gz
[09:12:01] 250-Begin
[09:12:01] type=file;size=4993728171;modify=20080927050217;UNIX.mode=0600;UNIX.uid=32005;UN
IX.gid=32007;unique=817g103; backup-9.26.2008_23-25-16_xxxxxxxx.tar.gz
[09:12:01] 250 End.
[09:12:01] TYPE I
[09:12:02] 200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
[09:12:02] PASV
[09:12:02] 227 Entering Passive Mode (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
[09:12:02] Opening data connection to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Port: xxxxxxx
[09:12:02] RETR backup-9.26.2008_23-25-16_xxxxxxxxx.tar.gz
[09:12:03] 150-Accepted data connection
[09:12:03] 150 4876687.7 kbytes to download

I've removed the IP and file name.

It says it's going to take 16 hours to download the file and the speed is about 75 to 80 Kb/s...
Using another FTP, it says it's going to take 8 hours and the speed is about 170 Kb/s.

How can I fix this ?

Thank you !

SmartFTP transfers your files as fast as your connection allows it. Maybe download a smaller file and stop the time it takes with SmartFTP and another FTP client.


Well, I can't reduce the size of the file : it's a full size backup and I need it as it is.

Then, as I told you, downloading the same file with another FTP client is much faster then with SmartFTP.

SmartFTP speed : about 80 Kb/s, duration : 16 hours
Other FTP client speed : about 170 Kb/s, duration : 8 hours.

I've not used both at the same time, but one after the other.

Is it possible to download and use an older version of SmartFTP ?

Thank you.