Recently Purchased SmartFTP

Iv been using SmartFTP for a long time now, and ofcourse recently you decided to have people buy it, for whatever reasons, so many developers i know have said " dont buy it, just get wsftp or cute ftp etc etc " but they just dont cut it for me.

Im just saying thank you to the developers of SmartFTP for such a great application that without, i would be lost.
I dont think its too expensive either, i would of paid more!

Thanks alot!

Dear Paul ..

Thank you for supporting us and sharing your feedback here.


So I wake up, start working on my project when halted by SmartFTP not opening and popping up a browser saying... "Buy Now". Ok, fine, I bought it $50 USD, super expensive in my opinion. So if all of that wasn't bad enough, essentially I have no way to enter my license information - I can't access the program to enter it.

If you are going to start charging at least be sure to do enough QA to be sure the process of licenses works.

I am dead in the water, no more progress until I get a response from this forums.

Clock is ticking...

You forgot to activate SmartFTP with your license. You can resend your license key at:

The instructions on how to activate SmartFTP are in the license key email.

If you need further assistance you can contact our support department at support at

Thank you and have a good Sunday evening.


I appreciate your prompt response. SmartFTP is a great program and I use it every day. It was frustrating to have that process interrupted but I am back in business.

I have a similar problem but I've not yet received my key .... how long do I have to wait? Getting rather impatient as there's only so many hours in a day and I can't waste them waiting for an email!!!!!

The license key is sent right after the confirmation of the payment. Please contact us at sales at and include your order reference number.

Thank you