updated to version 3; cannot enter license key

I just decided to update from 2.5 to the latest 3.0 release. SmartFTP was having difficulty finding 2.5 to uninstall so I uninstalled 2.5 and then installed 3.0.

3.0 still complained that it could not find 2.5 to uninstall but it seemed to install version 3.

When I run my .exe license file (received January 2008) it wants to install the license in a folder in My Documents called SmartFTP 2.0. I let it. I then opened SmartFTP and see that it has not recognized the license.

Two questions:

* How do I get the license into version 3.0?

* Have I lost all previous settings from 2.5 and do I need to recreate them now in 3.0?

Dear plb ..

You can find the favorites from version 2.0 in the menu: Favorites.

Please contact us per email (support at smartftp.com) regarding the license key.