Visual Compare problems

Can you please advise me about two issues:

1. Why has one of three just downloaded files a wrong timestamp?
2. Why does the visual compare feature mark the three just downloaded files as different?

Here is a screenshot:

Kind regards,
Franz Marksteiner

Please post the log from the downloads.

The visual compare features compares the file date/time and the file size. Use the properties dialog to manually compare the files.


Here is the log for one of the files:

[codebox][2008-08-03T12:54:56] Log opened
[2008-08-03T12:54:56] Initializing. Transfer Queue v1.0.14.7.
[2008-08-03T12:54:56] SIZE Index.php
[2008-08-03T12:54:56] 213 706
[2008-08-03T12:54:56] MDTM Index.php
[2008-08-03T12:54:56] 213 20080803101920
[2008-08-03T12:54:56] PASV
[2008-08-03T12:54:56] 227 Entering Passive Mode (85,13,140,78,195,103).
[2008-08-03T12:54:56] Öffne Datenverbindung zu Port: 50023
[2008-08-03T12:54:56] RETR Index.php
[2008-08-03T12:54:56] 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for Index.php (706 bytes)
[2008-08-03T12:54:56] 706 Byte übertragen. (11,6 KB/s) (59 ms)
[2008-08-03T12:54:56] 226 Transfer complete
[2008-08-03T12:54:56] MDTM Index.php
[2008-08-03T12:54:56] 213 20080803101920
[2008-08-03T12:54:56] Log closed
(This time none of the timestamps changed. Good for now, but...)

The manual comparison does not give me an idea of the misbehavior of the visual comparison feature. Any suggestions?

Please post a screenshot showing both properties dialogs (from the local and the remote file).


As you can see in the properties dialogs the time (10.19 vers 12.19) is different. If your server doesn't support MLSD you have to set the correct timezone in the favorite properties.

Oh wow, after checking on the time in the browser window I was blinded. Thank you for reading to me ;-)
Is there a way to set a default timezone for my favorites?

Hello Franz ..

No this is not possible.


Well, this brings an idea to my mind: From the server's IP, you could find out the country, from which you could find out the timezone. That is, roughly, because it will not work for countries with multiple time zones, like the USA. But this estimate could be the default for newly added favorites.

IP to country is not reliable and most modern servers do not require the timezone to be set. The better solution is to use FTP servers with MLSD support. For example 99% of all Windows based FTP servers support it.


Hi there,

before you guys start to implement crazy fireworks simply implement a default timezone setting. Since the average webmaster relies on a single hoster this will work just fine. And if you do have one or two domains hosted somewhere else simply set a value different from the default.

For me (I consider myself as an average webmaster) this would be best, because then I would have to make one setting instead of 20 ;-)

This is something we will consider to implement. Other options are:
You could host your domains on a FTP server which supports MLSD. Or you can pressure your current web hosting provider to upgrade the FTP server product. Even if you set the correct timezone the time returned from the LIST command does not always contain the seconds if the date is too far in the past.


Why not simply make the time zone setting derivable from the default favorite? I guess this would do what franz suggests.

This is actually what I meant ;-)