Normal way to synchronize?

Hi SmartFTP Team,

I was looking for a way to synchronize folders. Fortunately I`ve learned that SmartFTP is capable of synchronization with delete. Unfortunately the handling of this feature is far away from best practice :-(

As I`ve learned one muss achieve the following steps (please correct me if this is wrong, but don`t be fussy):
1. Stop transfer queue (in order to being able to change the properties before the items are processed)
2. Add folders
3. Change properties of items in the queue
4. Restart the queue

This makes this feature unusable!
For a normal understanding one should just navigate to a location (e.g. a remote and a local one), and hit a button. The only reasonable interference for further processing could be a questions about which location is the master (this should actually be set in the default/favorite properties).

I am looking forward to getting feedback. Please consider this as a constructive contribution, and as a feature request from an IT professional.

Kind regards,
Franz Marksteiner

Synchronization tasks are usually setup once and used multiple times. It means we do not expect that users do special synchronization tasks (with delete) for many different folders on a frequent basis. Normal synchronization without delete can be done over the file exist/conflict dialog.

We will considering adding an option to the favorite properties to specify what kind of synchronization is used by default.