License Key

I have been using SmartFTP Licensed version for several years now. In May of 2008 I renewed my license until May of 2009. I verified that on the website. Today I downloaded and installed ver 3.0.1021.7. Every time I start it, a dialogue box comes up and says my license is expired and I am not authorized to use this version. I have attemted to install the license key several times, both automatically as recommended on the website, and manually. If I click on 'OK' the program appears to operate normally. I hate it when I update a program only to run into problems I didn't have before.

I just checked my license key in HELP>About and it has an old license key and an expiry date of over a year ago. It doesn't even show the license key I purchased last year.


OK. Now after trying to enter the license key 6 or 7 times, when I check the key it is up to date in the program. I must have stumbled upon the proper way to enter the key. When I entered the license key in May 2008, it took one try and it was done.

Oh well.