cannot upload or download files by arrows

The upload/download arrows are not active in the latest version of smartftp after my upgrade from 2.5 to 3.
I can drag files to the folder for upload though...

Also, when I am uploading files they go straight to the queue and then go idle and will upload a file every minute or so or longer????

Sad to release it so full of bugs and I saw that with the new builds I paid for what was the only release at 2.5 and am now considered a home version user that is really special Matt.
Especially since I have bragged about Smartftp for a quite a long time against cuteftp and many others.

I like the software but I need it to perform not have to work out bugs while I am trying to work....

lastly I am not on windows vista but on windows xp professional...

Hello ..

The arrows are active but it depends on what you have selected in the list/tree. Try to select the folder in the tree you want to upload the files too.
If it doesn't work for you please post a screenshot so we can see what you are trying to do.

>delayed upload
Please post the log from the transfer queue items. To get it double click the file in the transfer queue and post it here.

Considering everything a bug that doesn't work for you is certainly a bit far fetched.