Looping and pre-transfer

We have a number of users that have all downloaded the most current version and are reporting (including myself) that they can not transfer a file. The interface copies the file - from start to finish, flash's Pre-transfer and starts over again. the file never really completes - because it ends and starts over again. the users are using XP mostly, some vista and all are reporting the same problem.

nothing is recorded in the log aside from the following repeating

[11:21:22] MDTM Sharepoint.doc
[11:21:22] 213 20080725170209
[11:21:22] STAT Sharepoint.doc
[11:21:23] 211-status of Sharepoint.doc:
[11:21:23] -rw-r--r-- 1 software ddube 45056 Jul 25 17:02 Sharepoint.doc
[11:21:23] 211 End of Status

Please post the log from the transfer queue. To get it double click the file/item in the transfer queue. A log window opens. Copy the text.


thanks - that gave me the answer pretty darn fast - issue solved - disk space.