Licensing Issue

I just received my license for the SmartFTP Library. Currently, I'm storing the license in the local directory 'C:\Temp\lic.xml' for simplicity. I'm using the same connection code that I did during the trial version. I'm using the SFTPConnection class per the requirements of the remote server.

// Load License Key
sfFTPLib.Global global = new sfFTPLib.Global();

if (global.LoadLicenseKeyData(_config.SFTPLicenseKey))
MessageBox.Show("License key embedded in DLL verified.");
MessageBox.Show("Failed to verify license key in: " + _config.SFTPLicenseKey);

SFTPConnection _sftp = new SFTPConnection();

// host settings
_sftp.Host = _config.SFTPHost;
_sftp.Port = _config.SFTPPort;
_sftp.Username = _config.SFTPUsername;
_sftp.Password = _config.SFTPPassword;

sfFTPLib.KeyManager keyManager = new KeyManager();
_sftp.PrivateKey = keyManager.LoadFile(_config.PrivateKeyLocation, "");

// set CLNT name
_sftp.Client = _config.SFTPClientName;
// log everything
_sftp.LogFile = _config.SFTPLogFileLocation;
_sftp.Proxy.Type = enumProxyType.ftpProxyTypeNone;[/codebox]

I pulled the licensing code straight from the examples on the website. The license check always returns false. What am I doing wrong. Any and all information for connecting with the Library, using SFTP protocol, with C# would be greatly appreciated. I'm at a stand still right now.


Nevermind, found something the knowledge base that pinned down my issue. I was using LoadLicenseKeyData instead of LoadLicenseKeyFile.

On to connection and upload testing.