How to reinstall SmartFTP?

I just bought a new computer and needs to reinstall SmartFTP on it. How to proceed? I have a licence key already.

I am also trying to re-install SmartFTP. However, my maintenance agreement expired last month. When I try to reinstall I am asked to renew my maintenance agreement to do so. When I try to activate the program using my existing license (which is SUPPOSED to be perpetual) it says my license is not valid with the current build.

ALL I want is to reinstall the most recent build which IS valid with my license key WITHOUT having to renew my maintenance agreement. I am stuck in a red-tape loop that is driving me crazy.

So ... How do I reinstall a version or build of SmartFTP that is valid with my "perpetual" license without renewing my maintenance agreement?


I'm also stuck with the same problem. I haven't been able to get any help for over a month now. MB, please help us out. I need to upload files. This program I purchased for my business and I'm kinda stuck right now. Thanks!

I am more than slightly bugged about this. SmartFTP should EASILY allow a reinstall with an existing licence key without the customer having to go through this. I NEED to have this resolved immediately. It will be resolved one way or another. However I WILL blog and provide updates on this process, and the longer it lasts and the more it costs the more I'll say ... And I'll say it on ALL of my 80+ websites and 1000 plus web pages, plus Twitter, Facebook and other locations. Bottom line: If I pay a price, SmartFTP will also pay in spades. I can't believe there isn't a more logical, simple, and readily responsive system to help licensed SmartFTP users.

This has been discussed over and over again. The facts are clear, there is no scam and this has been verified by independent instances numerous times in the past. We have provided everything that you have paid for. Asking for free lifetime upgrades and other services you didn't pay for is unreasonable.
Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact our support department. Thank you.