uninstall in view of re installing


i seem to have a virus on my computer and am in the process of removing it. it looks like its got hold of smartftp and is ussing it to its hearts content!

i would like to fully unistall smarft ftp from my computer and then once the virus is also removed completey re install it. i have used add/remove (in xp) and uniinstalled it , however i notice there are still entries in the registry. is there a way of removing all of these safely or any guide?

i know once answer is to rebuild the machine, but before i do this i want to see if i can save a bit of time and try this way first.

many thanks in advance.


1. Uninstall SmartFTP through the Control Panel -> Add Remove Programs
2. Delete the registry key at: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SmartFTP.