Transfer queue Email notification

What other data items can you put into the subject line, other than the default "[Transfer Queue] {Id} {Status}"?

The Id field is not very user friendly. Can you put "{Filename}" in to get the filename that was transferred?

SmartFTP v3.0.1017.1 in use.


So regarding your question for the file name. I propose you use {Source.Path}. The next version of SmartFTP will support {Source.Filename} and {Destination.Filename}. ETA: 1-2 days.


Excellent - brilliant quick response. {Source.Path}, while a bit long for a subject line, will do for now. {Source.Filename} would be even better, so I look forward to it.

I had to ask as I couldn't find these documented anywhere - apologies.

Incidentally, do you have to exit and reload SmartFTP to get new Email settings to take effect? It seemed to stop sending emails (excluding test emails) at all until I did that.

The apology should be from our side. There is currently no documentation for the variables. I'm going to create a new KB article for it now: ... f2610.html
(its incomplete as of now)

The settings should be applied immediately as soon as you click the OK button. But there might be a bug. Can you reproduce it?


I did reproduce it several times, although I now find you seem only to have to stop and start the transfer queue to get the emails working again.

I just wanted to let you konw that the latest version available at: now supports the {Source.Filename} variable.