Uploading folders


2008-06-20 14:19:23

I often have to update a directory of files and folders on an FTP server where not everything needs to be replaced, as not all of the existing files are part of the update. Therefore, I do no have the option of deleting the existing data. As such I attempt to upload the new files and replace the existing files of the same name. If I upload files and some of them exist, I get several options, one of which is "Copy and replace". For folders, I do not get that option. It only prompts "Cancel" or Copy and duplicate (which adds a new folder with a (1) appended. I would like to be able to have it replace the existing files in the folders so I do no have to navigate into each and every folder and copy the files, as this is tedious and time consuming.


2008-06-20 14:44:55

Click on the "Use Automatic Rules" button in the first file exist dialog and enable the [x] Do this for all items check box. You can also set the default file exist action to "Use Automatic Rules". To do this go to the favorite settings:
- Menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites
- Locate your favorite. Check the Quick Connect folder
- Right-click on the favorite. Select Properties from the context menu
- Go to the Transfer->File Exist dialog.
- Set the first option to "Use Automatic Rules"
- Click OK.



2008-06-20 14:54:28

It looks like that will give me what I was looking for. Thanks.