Uploading folders

I often have to update a directory of files and folders on an FTP server where not everything needs to be replaced, as not all of the existing files are part of the update. Therefore, I do no have the option of deleting the existing data. As such I attempt to upload the new files and replace the existing files of the same name. If I upload files and some of them exist, I get several options, one of which is "Copy and replace". For folders, I do not get that option. It only prompts "Cancel" or Copy and duplicate (which adds a new folder with a (1) appended. I would like to be able to have it replace the existing files in the folders so I do no have to navigate into each and every folder and copy the files, as this is tedious and time consuming.

Click on the "Use Automatic Rules" button in the first file exist dialog and enable the [x] Do this for all items check box. You can also set the default file exist action to "Use Automatic Rules". To do this go to the favorite settings:
- Menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites
- Locate your favorite. Check the Quick Connect folder
- Right-click on the favorite. Select Properties from the context menu
- Go to the Transfer->File Exist dialog.
- Set the first option to "Use Automatic Rules"
- Click OK.


It looks like that will give me what I was looking for. Thanks.