File size display in site browser

Is there a way to get the file browser to display file size (in detail view) in MB not KB?? It displays in MB in the transfer queue, I'd just like an easier way to match the two up.

Hello ..

The Remote Browser displays the size in the same units as the Windodws Explorer or Local Browser. The size unit cannot be changed in the Remote Browser. But you can change the size unit in the Transfer Queue to match the Remote Browser size unit.


OK.. you do have this setting in the remote file browser: "size (bytes)". This setting is not in the local browser (that I could find). I would just comment that it would be useful to put remote display in MB back into a new version (it used to be in SmartFTP 2, I believe) because it's a big help to those of us that have to work with big files constantly. Thanks for your reply.