Hello --
I have a single user license to the pro edition and all was fine until a few days ago. All my automation code is now failing with error 17 (which is invalid license or something close to it). I understand that my license is single user, but is it single machine too? For example I put SmartFTP on my laptop as well since I used that about 50% of the time. I am still adhering to the single user part of the license...

As of now my code no worky...

hmmm ok I'll buy that since I am currently using FTPConnectionSTA .... this was all working literally the day before. Was I inadvertently tryng to use the FTPLibrary directly and my "trial" expired?

I'll report back the results of using FTPConnectionMTA

oops. Still getting error 17 when executing

Use the code in the SDK sample. Post your code for review here. You cannot use the FTP Library directly because you do not have a license for it. It means you have to use it through the Application object.

Right. I understand. I think what happened was that I was using portions of one of your examples to connect and it probably was from the library examples, which means I had been using a 30 day "trial" of the library without really realizing it and it rightfully expired because as you said I am not licensed for it. I got it worked out now though: between changing where I got the connection from (now using the application object) and reapplying my license (somehow my SmartFTP client became unregistered) It looks to be working again.

As always the quickness with which you reply is VERY appreciated!