Upload capping at 60KB

Ever since I upgraded to 3.0.1016.13 I've been having problems uploading anything over 60KB/s. Everything worked fine before. I'm running a 10MB down 1MB up cable connection. I have my SmartFTP settings uncapped (set to 0) and 1 Worker at 750KB/s. I've checked with the admin on the server I'm uploading to, and he is able to upload from offsite at his max (about 384K).

Any suggestions why this would be happening?

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, this made no difference. I'm still capping at 60. Any idea what other causes could be limiting my upload now when it worked fine before I updated my client? I'd like to try uploading to another ftp site to see if I get the same results, but I'm unaware of any place I could do that.

Hello ..

I have no other idea. Sorry.