Editing files (not uploading after saved) v3.0.1016.10

Greetings guys & gals,

I've been using smartFTP for years with little or no problems.
However today l've updated to version 3 and noticed that the mechanics of editing files has changed a bit.
Which is great, l've always wanted to be able to edit multiple files at the same time with SmartFTP....

First off my text editor of choice is EditPlus 2 which l've used for years - and l have this set as my default editor in SFTP for pretty much everything....

Now my issue ~

I ensure that my queue has been started and is either active, or idle... (not stopped or paused)
If l choose a file to edit, right click on it and choose edit...
The file is downloaded and opened up in EditPlus just like it's supposed to..
I see "Monitoring" listed under the status in the queue for this file.

however if l make a few changes to the file and click CTRL + S (shortcut in edit plus to save) OR go to File -> Save the file doesn't uploaded to my server and my changes are not saved ... ? The file size isn't changed nor is the date modified changed at all ... what gives?

Another little bug issue l've uncovered while trying to narrow down the issue.
I figured that l would rule out that it's a problem with Edit Plus, so l when to Tools->Settings->Remote Edit and changed my editor for every ting from Edit Plus to windows' standard notepad.
Clicked 'Okay' ... closed SFTP, and reopened it and attempted to edit a file... but it still opens in Edit Plus; even though in my settings NOTEPAD.EXE is still listed as my editor of choice ... ??

I hope you guys can help me out with this; or worst case help me get a previous version of SFTP (like 2.XXX) that did seem to work just fine for me.

I'm running a freshly installed SFTP (v3.0.1016.10)
on windows xp sp2

Please take a look at the menu: Settings->Remote Edit to configure the remote editors.


If all the other editors works then it looks like a problem with EditPlus.

If all the other editors works then it looks like a problem with EditPlus.

Mb, I just changed my editor to notepad.exe, and then back to editplus and it's working fine - but there definitely was some type of bug going on that should be addressed.