FTP Sleeps on Files - Stops Uploading

I left SmartFTP on for the afternoon, while I was at work. After a few hours, instead of transmitting files every few minutes, little 'sleep zzz ' clouds appear in the Transfer Queue, to the left of the icons, which are left of the file names. It seems like SmartFTP is just sitting there sleeping, due to some FTP problem that needs to get worked around I guess.

So far as I know, my network and server have been steady. Until about a month ago, SmartFTP would run for days, sometimes weeks, without just stopping like that. I really wish I could get something to run for years without stopping. It doesn't seem like too much to expect, but I guess I am naive.

Is there something I can do to make it restart after failed tries, instead of just sitting sleeping?

Please post a screenshot.