Repeat and Selective File transfers without shipping the folder itself

Dear Sir/Madam,

I bought this yesterday and have spent nearly 5 hours trying to set up a repetitive, scheduled transfer that allows me to transfer a set of files every 2 minutes for the next 2 years from a folder on a source to that on a target.

None of the files has an extension and are distinguished purely by the filename of which the first 10 characters are identical.

Unfortunately, the Filter system does not appear to allow files to be chosen in groups on the basis of filename but only on file extension.

Please, please, please help me sort this out. I have tried dozens of combinations of filters and File Exist rules, including selecting the Folder.

The source Folder receives additional files at regular intervals and so the number of files within it continues to grow.

Of course, I do not wish to transfer the complete list of files in the folder every time but only those that have not previously been transferred.

I notice that lots of others seem to bemoan the lack of wildcard support for files. Can't this be made easier ?


Hello ..

We have answered your question yesterday: ... 14644.html

The filter system does not purely look at the file extension as you say. e.g. you can enter a*.* and all files starting with an a will be included/excluded.


Thanks for the reply. However, neither your Knowledge Base files nor your Help link on Selective File transfers suggests that this is the case.

Indeed, item 5 from article KB2574 specifically states: "If you want to filter at the folder level, select Folder under the Scope option. If the filter matches a folder name, the entire contents of that folder are included or excluded along with the folder."

Also, in KB0128 (Regular Expressions), the *.* wildcard is shown as only applicable to DOS, instead suggesting that SmartFTP should use .*

If you choose "Wildchar" as the filter type then wildchar is being used. If you choose Regexp regular expressions are used.


Thanks Mat,

However, none of this has solved my need. I am using this for my business and cannot afford to "research" for over 10 hours, simply to find that what I require is either so difficult to achieve or at worst, not possible.

I can't be the only one who wishes to perform this type of operation.

As I've said, I have tried dozens of combinations of settings but none of them has worked and many of the results were neither instinctive nor expected.

Let me explain once more as clearly as possible and hopefully you can give me clear instructions.

1. I need to repeatedly transfer files from one server folder to another (local) folder using a schedule.
2. Importantly, the server folder continues to grow with files and so on each scheduled transfer, I only wish to transfer those files that have been newly-added since the immediately preceding transfer.
3. Let us say that every filename starts with A1234B5678 and does NOT have an extension.

How can I set SmartFTP up to reliably transfer those files using those criteria ?


Hello ..

In one of my replies I provided step by step instructions on how to set this up: ... 14644.html

This is the technical support we can provide. If you need further assistance/consulting please contact us at sales att smartftp dot com.