SmartFTP and CA Security Suite

I am having trouble accessing different ftp sites after installing CA Security Suite on my computer. I can access the ftp sites on other computers outside of the three I have at my home office. I have been trying everything for the last 3 months to try and get this work. Any suggestions on what I could try?


Add SmartFTP to the exceptions list in your software firewall settings. And my personal recommendation is to uninstall CA Security Suite.


I did uninstall CA Security Suite and Smart FTP still doesn't work on certain site. What could it have messed up for me not to have access to these sites?

Maybe there is another software installed that blocks SmartFTP from accessing some ips?

We had no problems with any access prior to installing CA. Is there some settings in SmartFTP that I may not have correct in accessing ftp sites?

Would by chance upgrading to the newest version help at all?

Hello ..

Since the problem is not in SmartFTP it doesn't matter how you configure it or if you upgrade or not. You can post the log here. Maybe you are using the wrong host name etc.