Still doubling views of files

Please look at this image:

Above effect I have got after drag and drop files from one local view to another.

Additionaly I have one question ... Why every moving or copying operations between local windows can hang SmartFTP for a while and also can take long time ? (eg. moving few small files can take about 20 or 30 seconds).


Hello ..

Please provide step by step instructions on how to reproduce both problems. Maybe you can create a small video showing the problems.


Hi ...
I must update my post. This case releates not for files, but for folders.
Also provided earlier picture has been presenting only actions for folders.

Ok, but how to reproduce:
Please use
drag and drop or use Ctrl+X or use right click->cut
and Paste folders into any new location
by drag and drop or by ctrl+v or by right click->paste

Please You can find with the below link a zipped avi movie which presents this issue:


Beauty now, thanks