3.0 crashing

http://rapidshare.com/files/108502745/C ... M.zip.html
I've had this problem for a while now - it used to happen in 2.0 as well, so I upgraded to 3.0. I've since lost my sites taht used to show up in my drop down list but the software doesn't even start up anymore. splash screen shows up, smart ftp main window starts to show and then it crashes.

This is not the full crash dump. It's only 7KB. Please try again.

Thank you. Unfortunately you didn't test it with the latest version. Could you install the latest version and try again?

You only need to send the first .dmp file (the one with the oldest date). This should hopefully cut the upload time.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Thank you. I'm able to look at the crash dump in debugger now. Do you have anything special installed on your Windows XP system?

Define special.... Its a dell inspirion 6000 series. Its got the basic software you'd expect a work laptop to have. Also have stuff like Webdrive (webdrive.com), Trillian, Remote Administrator 3.0 (server and viewer), UltraVNC, Notebook Hardware Control, vmware viewer, ccleaner, registry booster, Vim 7.1, Secure CRT, google Talk. and other stuff.

Well then, I will remove the bluetooth. I will try the latest build first, and if it doesn't work, I will uninstall the BT since I use it only a couple times a year, if that.

the new build didn't fix it, but i'd be happy to pass along the dumps for you. I uninstalled the bluetooth drivers and that seemed to work. If it matters the bluetooth was a Kensington USB device I piccked up at Best Buy. weird it started causing problems.

Maybe it works with the newest bluetooth drivers? The btneighborhood.dll file is from Broadcom since the Kensignton device probably uses a Broadcom bluetooth chip.


Would it be possible if you can send us the btneighbourhood.dll? You can send it to sales at smartftp.com or upload it to rapidshare.com or filebeam.com


since i already unininstalled i don't have that file on my pc anymore. i'll see if i can locate it

If you have the link to the drivers or the driver setup that would be good too ;-)

I'll see if I can dig it up but I its really been a while since I've used it and only installed it on my notebook. Heck...I'm not even sure where the device is!