Client SDK transfer queue samples?

I've taken a look at the samples provided with the Client SDK and they are helpful. However, I would really appreciate an example of how to load the transfer queue with items. One of the samples loads from an xml doc, but I'd prefer to load it up one item(file) at a time.

After viewing the docs for a couple of hours and not being able to figure this out, can someone share a code snippet?


Hello Mike ..

If you want to add one item you need to construct it:

1. Create an sfTransferQueue.TransferQueueItem object:
Set objItem = WScript.CreateObject("sfTransferQueue.TransferQueueItem")
or create it through the SmartFTP CreateObject handler:
Set objItem = objSmartFTP.CreateObject("sfTransferQueue.TransferQueueItem")

2. Fill in all the information: Source/Destination sub items. The following creates a download of a file.

objItem.Type = sfTransferQueueItemTypeFile
objItem.Operation = sfTransferQueueItemOperationCopy

' Source
objItem.Source.Type = sfTransferQueueItemSubItemTypeRemote
objItem.Source.Path = "/folder/a.rar"
objItem.Source.FavoriteIdAsString = "{guid of favorite}"

' Destination
objItem.Destination.Type = sfTransferQueueItemSubItemTypeLocal
objItem.Destination.Path = "C:\test\a.rar"
' GUID for local items is GUID_NULL and does not need to be set
'objItem.Destination.FavoriteIdAsString = "{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}"

3. Add the item to the TransferQueue:

Does this help?



Perfect...thanks a lot.