windows don't propogate properly

version 2.5.1008

Remote and local windows don't propogate properly.

What I see:

Sometimes and most often, the folder icon will show but the files within won't show in the other window. The folders are usually 'dim' in color till you click on them, then they turn bright and stay that way till you close the connection.

What it causes:

Since you don't know what files are within a folder/directory, you don't have control to delete the where in the case of a server that doesn't want to update properly and you have to delete a file and force the new one.

Sometimes when you click on the dim folder 4-5 times, then finally the window will fill with the files. Sometimes you have to re-log in to the remote server to get it to work. Keep in mind that this problem also happens on the local side. Usually if you shut down the program and start over, it might work.

Is it possible to open a local folder and have it be linked properly to the remote folder. It's easy to have the wrong one open on the local machine, especially if you have many sites, and not have the right one in the remote window. I've not accidentally sent the wrong file to the wrong server but I sure can see where that could/would happen.

Please install the latest version and try again:

You may want to post a screenshot to illustrate the problem.