Odd connection problem related only to GoDaddy


I've been successfully connecting both SmartFTP and Dreamweaver 8 to two sites that I have, one at Yahoo the other at Bluehost. But now I've set up a new site at GoDaddy and cannot connect my website production machine. Here's the log from my production machine:

[19:22:49] Resolving host name ""
[19:22:49] Connecting to Port: 21
[19:22:49] Connected to
[19:23:10] An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.
[19:23:10] Server closed connection

Here's the twist. My production machine (with Dreamweaver and SmartFTP) is connected to my web-browsing machine via ethernet cable. My production machine will connect to Yahoo and Bluehost but not GoDaddy. My web-browsing machine provides the connection to the internet, and it WILL connect to Yahoo, Bluehost AND GoDaddy using SmartFTP. So the roadblock is between the two machines and is specific only to GoDaddy. Both are PC - WinXP.

Any thoughts on where to look for this problem?

I know this isn't really a SmartFTP-specific problem, but I was hoping someone here might have an insight.



Hello ..

The ip adress you are using is wrong. It means there is no FTP server running at this IP. Try to get the correct host/ip address and it should work.

> ftp: connect :Connection timed out



Thanks Mat! I entered the right IP address and they connect:

What they still won't do is resolve the site name: minigiggles.com

But I can work with it like this.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help out!


Hello Tom ..

Use ftp.minigiggles.com