SFTP will not always overwrite files on server

Here is the general problem:

When I edit a file locally, I FTP it to the server where SOMETIMES the server file updates, and SOMETIMES it does not. In order to assure updates, I often have to DELETE the file on the server then upload the edited file from my local machine (like a fresh upload).

Anyone know what's wrong here or if there is a setting I need to change? NOTE: The majority of files I work with are PHP. The error I am experiencing doesn't seem to affect images files.

Thanks for the help.


I guess it might help to add that I am using v3.0.1010. Also, I did not have this problem with the unlicensed version and previous build.

Please install the latest version from:

If the problem persits please try to get the log from the Transfer Queue. Do you see the file exist dialog when you drag&drop?



Seems like build 1011.4 and a fresh install solved the problem. I'll let you guys know if I have any hiccups.