Can I disable V3 feature?

I have just downloaded version 3.0.1011.3 and when I drag a file into a remote browser, a window appears and then minimises down and to the left into the transfer queue. Is there any way of disabling this 'feature'. To me it seems like unnecessary overhead on an otherwise very functional tool (I was remote controling the PC at the time and the screen took far too long before it gave me control back after it had finished redrawing that window 20 times as it minimised) I would suspect that a lot of your other customers who use SmartFTP on a remote machine will not be too pleased with this kind of flashy graphics being added to the product.

If it is not possible to disable this, could you tell me where I can download the most recent release of version 2.0 please?

I want the same...

I need direct transfer !!! Not a queue transfer...
I tried to configure it, but o don't see where.

PLese help!

Tools -> Settings
Go to General -> Favorites
Click Edit on the right side (this takes you to advanced options, worst possible interface for getting to advanced options in the history of mankind, but hey)
You should come up to the Transfer setting in the tree view on the left. On the right, change "Use Cache" to disabled.

Now if only we could disable that annoying IE style Information Bar, SmartFTP would be great again!

There is no way to disable QUEUE spintz ? and return to Direct transfers?

Yeah, apparently is was only working, because I had already "started the queue" for that session.

Once I closed and restarted SmartFTP, I had to resume the queue again.

Looks like it's back to 2.5 or on to another FTP program then.

Why was banned spintz ??

He didn't tell nothing bad, only the true...

We want back direct transfers... for single files.