Don't want to 'Start Queue'

On the 2.5 version, I could drag and drop my files from the SmartFTP window to my hard drive. Now, with the new version 3, it asks me to 'Start' the queue. I would like to turn off this function and return to normal. Can you help?

Thanks much!!!


This is not possible. The Transfer Queue is part of the system now.

Well, that's the end of using SmartFTP for me then .

I don't think, that the transfer queue is smart - it's annoying.

Unfortunately I cannot understand the aversion (or is it just the confusion?) of the Transfer Queue. I'm very interested to know what problems you are exactly having? Could you please tell us what is not working for you or why do you think the Transfer Queue is a good reason not to use SmartFTP anymore?

There was a small bug on Windows XP where the Remote Browser did not automatically update the view after the file has been transferred. It confused a couple of users as they believed that the file has not been transferred at all. This bug has already been fixed in the newest version which is available from:
Other than that I do not think there is something fundamentally wrong with the Transfer Queue. It has been part of SmartFTP for almost 5 years and according to our poll almost 50% of the users voted that they have already been using the Transfer Queue as their favorite transfer method. Also most FTP clients today (FlashFXP, CuteFTP, WS_FTP, FileZilla, etc) use some kind of Transfer Queue or Transfer Manager. So this is not a new concept you are looking at.


same here...

I buyed SmartFTP 3.0 professional yesterday, but i didn't think that is not possible to disable queue

Now it goes too SLOW for me...

Then when i'm connected another feature Lost, is to make NOOD o LIST every x seconds for mantain the connection.
Now this is LOST too...

WHY !!!!????????

This is the end for me too of Smart FTP... what was simply, fast and functional... now is lost all that

I downloaded and purchased the new version last night. Everything goes to the transfer queue and does not transfer?? WHY? I really, really need to upload some files and can't get them to upload and can't delete anything from my FTP folder, everything I do goes to the transfer queue and just sits there.


I'm going home at lunch to try. I just uploaded last night so assume I have the new version but I will try and let you know.


I'm going home at lunch to try. I just uploaded last night so assume I have the new version but I will try and let you know.


Same thing for me. I have downloaded all of the updates but I cannot seem to get anything out of my queue either way.

Start the Transfer Queue.

I've used SmartFTP now and then when I've had a need for a FTP application, I've also tried others but only Smart gave me what I wanted.
When my trial period was over I wasn't i doubt, I wanted Smart because of that, so I bought it 2 days ago.
But that's when my probs started, first my system wouldn't accept the key I was provided, after some trial and only errors I downloaded the latest version and after some more struggles I managed to manually install the key....
When Is was to up some files to my server nothing happend well, after some more tries I finally found out I had to manually start each file.... after a restart of my comp. they start automatically though. I also wanted to download some files from the server but they wouldn't start before all the files I was up'ing was done, is it supposed to be like that?
The resume function doesn't seem to work for me, it did before but now it just owerwrite my files without asking, damn irritating when Ive up'd 1,2gig of a 1,4gig file and having a slow connection..... I've been looking in the settings but can't find anything that can help me.

I had no need for the queue function earlier and it looks like it's a step backwards to me if it's doing to me what it's supposed to do.