Automatic Transfer Mode Settings

There seems to be some change in the interface to the current version of SmartFTP that is giving us some trouble here.

Previously, and we didn't notice when this changed, there was a place under <Tools> <Settings> <Transfer> that allowed us to set the file extensions for the file types we wished to transfer in ASCII mode. Well now that setting is no longer there.

Your help on your website informs us to go to our favorites, edit the properties, and set up the file names there. However, we want to select a default list and not have to go to each favorite and enter in all those file types.

We have selected "default settings" but we don't know where to go to change those settings so they can be automatically used by every site.

Please help.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hello ..

Menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites. Then Tools->Edit Default Favorite.