FXP transfer / slow / retry


2008-03-14 07:53:57

I am trying to move photo albums from one FTP to the other as I am changing service provider.

The transfer qeue is taking for ever, most of the transfers are in re-try mode. please note that few files and couple of directories have actully transfered, but it has been now few hours with very little data transfered.

Is the data transfering from server to server, or is it going through my computer.

Can anybody help, I still have so much to transfer



2008-03-14 12:42:06

on more addition to my original post. all the files that got transfer has the size of 0 bytes


2008-03-14 16:26:54

Hello ..

It looks like your servers do not support FXP. Most FTP servers today have it disabled for security reasons. Download the files to your computer and then upload them to the other server.