I was attempting to upload a file into a directory but got a "transfer failed" message. Odd thing is I can upload/download to other directories at the same level as this one. I uploaded my file to another directory and tried to drag it into the desired one but got a "rename failed" message. I tried changing permissions under "Properties/CHMOD" and get a "550 SITE CHMOD command failed" message

Does anyone know why I can perform actions in one directory and not another since they're both at the same level in the tree and both reside in the same root?

BTW, we've recently set this site up on GoDaddy Virtual Dedicated server...think this might be a server issue rather than a SmartFTP one?

Hello ..

Yep this looks like a problem with the permissions of the directory. Try to contact your web hosting provider and ask them to delete the folder or to set the correct permissions.