Where's the Help Reference

I've been using SmartFTP for a long time now and am starting to use it heavily. So far most of what I have used has been pretty intuitive but I now want to become a good "poweruser" of the product. However, I can't seem to locate a help document or reference of any kind. Did I miss this somewhere? Do I download it separately somewhere? Every time I click help-contents it takes me to your website support page. Is this the help? Where's the table of contents? I'm not interested in watching tutorials only to find it doesn't include what I'm looking for. So many slick-looking features and I don't know where to learn about them in detail.

Hello ...

Unfortunately there is no traditional help file for our product. We have tutorials and a knowledge base with articles covering the most asked questions. In addition we offer personal assistance for customers with a maintenance plan. Please post any questions you have here.