SmartFTP manual license import

I cannot enter a our purchased license because SmartFTP will run to get to the license input. Installing version 2 does not help either.

we like to use SmartFTP 1.5 for the simpler interface and it is probably due to this that and a new profile for our user thas broken Smartftp.

Is there a way i can splice the license file information into the registry.


Hello ...

In the license key email you will find a link to the the license key file (SmartFTP License Key.txt). Download this file. Then rename it to SmartFTP.key and copy it to the %AppData%\SmartFTP folder. However since you want to use a license that has been issued for version 2.x I'm not sure if it works for version 1.5.

There is actually very little difference between the interface in v1.5 and in v2.0. I strongly recommend you to use version 2.5.


Thanks i 'll give it a try. The license key works fine for v1.5. This problem arose due to the original employee leaving and a new person getting his pc. The local profile for the new employee does not contain the license key and because v1.5 is much more than 30 days old it refuses to run. So no opportunity to re-enter the license key file.

i will try v2.5 also