Remote to Local via queue

This may be the expected behavior of the program, but it differs slightly from what I'm used to in other FTP programs. Or then again, it is ALWAYS possible I'm doing something wrong.

I open a local browser on my computer.
I open a remote browser to the machine I want to transfer from.
I navigate to the LOCAL folder I want the files to go into in the local browser.
I select the files/directories I want to move and drag them onto the queue at the bottom.

Now here is where it differs... My personal expectation is that the program would transfer the files NOT to the download directory, but to the location I currently have selected in the local file browser. It is a pain to go back and change the location manually every time as I work with LOTS of different sites as an internet consultant.

So I suppose I have three questions really:
1. Is this working as intended?
2. If not, how can I fix this behavior?
3. If so, can you please add this as a feature request?

Thanks for a great program guys/gals!


Hello ..

The behavior is intentend. To achieve what you want to do you have at least 3 options:

1. Set the default drag&drop operation to Transfer Queue. To do this go to menu: Tools->Settings. Then in the General->Navigation set the Default Drag&Drop Operation to Queue. Now use drag&drop from the Remote Browser to the Local Browser.

2. Use right mouse button drag&drop. Hold down the right mouse button then drag&drop the files from the Remote Browser to the Local Browser. A menu will popup which allows you to select if you want to use "Direct" or "Queue" to transfer the files.

3. Use the copy buttons in the "middle" pane between the Local Browser and the Remote Browser.