Lost ftp settings


I just upgraded to the latest version of SmartFTP from version 2.0 and after the upgrade and going online to pay for the licence I have lost all my website ftp settings - as I have a number of websites it is a bit frustrating to have to set these all up again from scratch, is there an easier way to retrieve the lost settings.


The favorites should automatically be imported when upgrading. If this is not the case go to menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites. Then in the Favorites window go to menu: Tools->Import then select one of the following types: "SmartFTP Favorites (Favorites.dat)" or "Old History (History.dat)". The Favorites.dat and History.dat files can be found in the %AppData%\SmartFTP\Client\Favorites folder.



Thanks for that - I found and imported the settings.

Saved me a lot of time, thanks again.


I recently lost all data on my hard drive. Re-installed SmartFTP and then got the old data retrieved for me on a new drive. I want to import the retrieved favourites but I don't have a .dat file as mentioned above - I have .dll files.
i.e. sfFavorites.dll
So when I choose to Import it doesn't recognise the file formats....Any ideas??

Thanks in advance.


Hello ..

The .dll files are the program files and not the data files with the favorite/site information. You can either import the favorites.dat from version 2.0 or the .xml files from version 2.5 or higher.
The data files can be found in the following folder by default:
Windows XP:
C:\Document and Settings\<user>\Application Data\SmartFTP
Windows Vista:


Excellent, that's worked out. What a relieve!