Keeping File Date / Time


SmartFTP version 2.5.1008.20 on Win XP Pro SP2 fully patched. Running from a flash drive ("PortableSmartFTP").

Uploading files from my desktop to a remote host. Tried direct and by queueing. The uploaded file is always given the date and time of the upload, rather than the file's original date and time.

Have tried uploading to two different hosts: and problem.

Have checked to make sure in the Favourite's properties that "Keep File Time" is enabled for Upload, Download and Server to Server.

Any ideas?

Thank you!


Hello ..

Please try the latest version from:

It supports the "set file time features" on some more FTP servers (ncftpd, proftpd).

If it doesn't work with the new version your FTP server does not support a way to set the file date of a remote file.


The new version worked perfectly! (with didn't try it with 1and1)

Thanks very much,