v2.5.1008 install problems


I downloaded v2.5.1008 and installed.

When I run SmrtFTP it says I am still running version v2.5.1005 (this was straight from the final install screen which says 'Run Now' afe rinstall complete)

I saw the post "SmartFTP upgrade 2.5 1006, Still runs 2.0.1002".

If I uninstall my current version and install the new version will all my favorites be lost or will they be reatained?

I know I can export fvorites but last time I did this I had to import each favorite separately and create a new folder structure to replicate my original faavorite folders.


Hello ..

Are you interested in a debug session? This will help us to figure out why SmartFTP is not being updated correctly. If yes please contact us at support at smartftp dot com.

Thank you.

Thank you