New SmartFTP Crashed on Left Click

The latest version of SmartFTP which I just download awhile ago is constantly crashing.

This is the first version of SmartFTP that has every had a problem. We are unable to reliably use the product since any changes made prior to the crash are not saved.

This is version v2.0.1002

You should have at least three reports sent to by the program, along with four send to Microsoft automatically at the time of the crash.

To duplicate the problem:
1. Start SmartFTP and open one remote window that is logged into a site and open one local browser.
2. Place cursor over a file name and do a right click (like you want to copy, or edit the file) -- Crash.

Please let us know as soon as possible what is going on here.


We have been a loyal customer for sometime now and your product as always been quite solid for us.

Let me know.