Should ASCII Downloads Convert Line Endings?

I specifically selected ASCII mode and then downloaded a text file from a Unix host to my PC. When I open it in notepad (Yes I know I should use something else :-)) the line endings are not converted to DOS format.

Is there another setting I should select?

By the way, I tried this specific setting selection in the browser because adding *.txt to the exceptions list didn't seem to work.

Will do. I've been using SlickEdit, but some of my teammates seem to use notepad because they've complained to me about format.

Is there a way to kick off a system command following a download?

Hello ...

Nope there is no custom post-transfer event at this time.


I see where I can fill in a list of files that I want to transfer in ASCII mode. It doesn't seem to switch to ascii mode for those files.

I tried this in the favorite settings and the default settings and neither worked. If I manually select ASCII mode, files are transferred in ascii mode.

How do I make this work?


The ASCII mode works as expected. Are you sure your entries in the ASCII list are correct?