Remote Edit Dialog

Is there a way to keep the remote edit dialog from appearing when remote editing and always default to manual upload?

I keep having to dismiss the dialog any time I remote edit.

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No it's not possible. How exactly do you want to upload the file if you don't know where SmartFTP saved it before?


Good point. I guess it makes more sense to only allow disabling of the dialog if I select auto upload as default.

It would be like the monitoring function, but I wouldn't have to set it up individually every time nor have a staging area.

Right now I download a file, then turn on monitoring for it in the queue, then edit at will via my preferred editor.

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In the future (version 3) all transfers including the Remote Edit will handled through the Transfer Queue. It means when you Edit a file it will be added to the Transfr Queue. The Transfer Queue downloads the file, opens the editor and monitors the file for changes. No Remote Edit dialog will be displayed.



Not so excellent for those users who really have to be careful before they put code to the production server. How do I change the default flag for monitoring on or off?

I really like the feature, don't get me wrong. I just want to be able to control it from an option or setting or somesuch. As it is now it is really wrecking havoc with our server timestamps and potentially the production code.

Question one: Which version of SmartFTP is the latest to not have this feature automatically turned on?

Question two: When will this be a feature that I can decide to leave on or off?

Question three(unrelated): What on earth went wrong with version 3, it is at least 10 times as slow as my previous version?

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Version 2.5 has the dialog. You can install it from: ... f2599.html
Uninstall version 3.0 first.

Depends on the user demand. Do you want to manually control when the file is being uploaded? If this is the case is a manual drag&drop do no solution?

What do you think is slow? File transfers? The time it takes to open a connection?