Need HELP with batch support and ZIP/UNZIP


Background: I need to recieve cost/stock updates from our vendors twice daily, one of whom sends the data in .ZIP files. I've been using a scheduled FTP job in SQL Server which was failing intermittently, is slow, and now for some reason (that I cannot detemine) after generally working, has ceased to process a .BAT file containing UNZIP commands.

OS = Win Serv 2003, DB = SQL Server 2000.

So, I'd like to perform the following tasks using SmartFTP and would like some help / direction:

1) Retreive TWO files, from TWO different sites, twice daily - once at 6am and again at 6pm.

2) UNZIP the contents of the one file.

3) Rename the UNZIPPED files.

4) Create a trigger file that SQL can look for to 'know' when the data import jobs may be run.

I'm almost ready to go and break out the old books on BAT file processing and just put the darned process on a WINDOWS timer, but I also need to run DTS IMPORT jobs in SQL Server to load the data into SQL tables and cleanse them afterwards.

Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can provide,

Hello ..

This is currently not possible without writing some custome code. If you want to go this way please take a look at the FTP Library at:
You can write a small vbs/js script which downloads the files (1) and performs the other tasks (2,3,4). Then add this file to the Windows Scheduler and run it twice a day (1).