Can upload process be automated?

I am in the market to purchase an FTP client. Your product is currently the best of the lot. I need to know if I can automate some of the processes so SmartFTP can run unattended.

On my PC I have a statistical file (sfile.txt) that needs to be uploaded to the server every 10 minutes.
My application overwrites the sfile.txt in a local folder everytime the data changes (24/7) all day long.

I need SmartFTP to automatically connect, logon, upload the current sfile.txt stored in my local folder and overwrite the sfile.txt on the server, logoff, and disconnect, every ten minutes.

I thought that maybe the "Custom Commands" feature was suited for this but I can not find any documentation or tutorials.

Can SmartFTP be accessed by a VB.Net method? if so, what methods are available and are there any tutorials or documentation/examples?

Does your software support this type of automation? If so, where can I get the supporting documentation to learn the best practice to accomplish this?

Thanks, JP Waldin

Hello ..

If you just want to upload a file every 10 minutes use the Transfer Queue:
1. See the tutorials on how to upload a file using the Transfer Queue at
2. Right-click on the item in the Transfer Queue and select "Schedule" from the context menu
3. In the Schedule dialog enable recurrence
4. Start the Transfer Queue

If you need more control and want to use the FTP functions from VB.NET you may want to talk a look at the FTP Library (COM) we are offering:


>How to use Transfer Queue:

>Monitor File/Folder
Right-click on item in the Transfer Queue. Select "Schedule" from the context menu. Enable the [x] Monitor checkbox.

Please add your license key id to the profile in the forum for further support.


Is there away to pick up file on another computer automatically and then auto send

Hi all -

I just want to ask a few questions about the folder monitor.

I understand how to use the Transfer queue, first use the Temp. etc. but do we need to select the Schedule>Monitor Folder when it is first in the temp queue.

I had some folder that were in the Transfer queue and set to be monitor but they have dissappeared upon complete. I think the ones that remain may be there (and are labled "Monitoring") because I Scheduled them in the Temp. folder.


Please try to install the latest version from:

Instead of using the temporary queue you could also stop the Transfer Queue and then add the items and change the settings.


>1. The folder monitor, what is the duration between checks; it seems pretty quick.
The checks are instant. If you make any changes in the folder the item will be processed.

>2. When an upload fails from the monitor schedule I got a 30 minute retry notice; I didn't see where to change that setting to maybe...10 or 5 minutes.
You can change the retry delay in the favorite settings. To access the favorite settings to to menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites. Then find your favorite (Quick Connect folder) and then right-click on it and select Properties from the context menu. Then go to the Connection dialog and set the retry delay.