I have a MacBook Pro and a Dell (DUDE)...the question is this.....

I keep getting disconnected from my ftp server with SmartFTP ......connected to the same server with my fetch program (mac) i can upload infinatlly ......how do i set up SmartFTP to keep a connection open so i can back my kids photos up to my server? (over 200 gigs of photos and videos ) SmartFTP will work for a long time but then just disconnects....fetch does not....it works forever, i mean keeps the connection open forever

I would use my mac if it was not a laptop to do it......not that i like fetch better...i jsut like macs better...lol...that and the connection stays open forever

i bet you are sick of saying that....lol.....anyways thanks for the answer

you would think, though, that if you drag and drop a folder into the upload window....the program would at least complete the transfer without a queue no matter how large......it is just one folder after all, even though it is over 200gigs.....am i wrong in assuming that?? i mean isnt that a logical train of thought?

Yes that's exactly the reason why we plan to replace the "Direct" transfer feature with the Transfer Queue.