Performance Settings in 2.5? Slow Transfer


i bought a extension of my maintenance for 3 years today and got Smart FTP 2.5. But with 2.5 I am back to my slow transfer speeds now (see: ... 13219.html) so a server where I could upload with 1.2 MB/s is now back down to 250kb/s. This I had with the 2.0 version to until I set the Performance Values to very high numbers, which then worked fine. So now 2.0 is uploading with 1.2 MB/s but 2.5 only with 250kb/s....

But in 2.5 i don't find the performance Settings in the Settings Dialog???
Where can i set the performance values in 2.5 so I can upload again at full speed?


Hello ..

Menu: Tools->Settings
In the Favorites dialog. Click on "Edit Default Favorite". Go to the Performance dialog.